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Here're some of the wonderful testimonials provided by my customers:

"I contacted Audrey in a great hurry to make my wedding cake 3 days before the big day and she didn't disappoint. My three-tier cake was exquisite and Audrey was such a pleasure to work with. I was very glad to have chosen her."

Phillip K, Hollywood actor, Beverly Hills

"Audrey is a fantastic pastry chef. I've had the chance to taste so many of her delicious creations and they were all so delicious. As a Parisien with so many wonderful options surrounding us daily, we are very picky about our pastries and cakes. Audrey possesses the best of both worlds, great taste and great presentation."

    Antoine T, Paris

"I was very excited about Audrey's return from Paris as a pastry chef and so was my daughter. She specifically wanted Audrey to make her birthday cake and it was so lovely! The Tiffany blue cake with bows and drapes couldn't have been more impressive and needless to say, it tasted great too!"

Sandy H, Playa Del Rey


"I am as Parisienne as can be and tasted an extremely cute and wonderful Easter cake made by Audrey. The sweetness was just right and the cake was moist. It was sublime. Her cakes are just amazingly beautiful and I know my cakes having lived in Paris all my life!"

        Beatrice Z, Beverly Hills


"I wanted to surprise my husband with a nice dessert for his birthday and he loves tiramisu. Audrey was my immediate go-to person for it. It was amazing and fresh. The ingredients she used were high quality and my husband could tell because he's a chef at high-end restaurant. He already said that he wants Audrey to make our Christmas buche de Noel."

 Mika A, Mar Vista

"I had Audrey made my son's one-year birthday cake and it was very specific. He loves the Japanese character Anpanman and I requested it to be the main focus for the cake. I couldn't believe my eyes when Audrey delivered the cake. She sculpted the character perfectly. It looks exactly like the figurine I provided her for reference. My husband actually thought that it was just the figurine sitting on top of the cake! He's not big on sweet stuff but ate the cake because it was so delicious. Even after the party, he and my in-laws were still talking about it later in the evening!"

       Rumiko G, Playa Del Rey

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