My story

It all began with "We've decided to let you go" from my boss on a cold, rainy afternoon in February 2011. I had been laid off due to lack of further funding for the start-up I was working for. All access to my laptop, email and phone had already been shut off while I was in my boss' office. I had only thirty minutes to pack my personal belongings before I was escorted out of the office. This cold process was a stark difference to the warm welcome that I received a year ago. I was out of a job just like that.


Over the next seven months, as I spent my days trying to land another job, I also started making macarons - the "it" pastry at that time. As a novice baker, it wasn't easy trying to perfect the most temperamental pastry in the world; yet it was exactly this process that got me passionate about the world of baking. I eventually landed another corporate job but for the months that followed, my senses told me that I should pursue the realm of aesthetics, creativity and taste. And where should one go for this? The pastry capital of the world, of course. 


Three months later, with the wonderful support and encouragement from my loved ones and family, I was in kitchen whites and clumsy chef shoes at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. I had officially traded crisp and pressed stylish office wear and high heel shoes for a career in the kitchen. My dedication to creating exquisite sweet delights and bringing a smile to a customer's face has begun, and this is the reason why I'm here. 

To date, my happy and satisfied customers come from all walks of life and include Hollywood celebrities.